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Soil hydraulic models in SWRC Fit

In SWRC Fit (Web interface and offline version), 6 hydraulic models are used. Out of the 6 models, 4 models (BC, VG, LN, FX) assume unimodal pore structure (unimodal model) and 2 models (DB, BL) assume bimodal pore structure (bimodal model).

BCBrooks and Corey (1964)\(S_e = \begin{cases}\left(\dfrac{h}{h_b}\right)^{-\lambda} & (h>h_b) \\ 1 & (h \le h_b)\end{cases}\)θs, θr, hb, λ
VGvan Genuchten (1980)\(S_e = \biggl[\dfrac{1}{1+(\alpha h)^n}\biggr]^m\) (m=1-1/n)θs, θr, α, n
LNKosugi (1996)\(S_e = Q \biggl[\dfrac{\ln(h/h_m)}{\sigma}\biggr]\)θs, θr, hm, σ
FXFredlund and Xing (1994)\(S_e = C(h)\biggl[ \dfrac{1}{\ln \left[e+(h / a)^n \right]} \biggr]^m\)θs, θr, a, m, n
DBDurner (1994)\(S_e = w_1\biggl[\dfrac{1}{1+(\alpha_1 h)^{n_1}}\biggr]^{m_1} + (1-w_1)\biggl[\dfrac{1}{1+(\alpha_2 h)^{n_2}}\biggr]^{m_2}\)
θs, θr, w1, α1, n1, α2, n2
BLSeki (2007)\(S_e = w_1 Q \biggl[\dfrac{\ln(h/h_{m_1})}{\sigma_1}\biggr] + (1-w_1) Q \biggl[\dfrac{\ln(h/h_{m_2})}{\sigma_2}\biggr]\)θs, θr, w1, hm1, σ1, hm2, σ2


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Author: Katsutoshi Seki