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SWRC Fit kann bodenhydraulische Modelle an gemessene Bodenwasserspannungskurven anpassen. Kopieren Sie Ihre Bodenwasserspannungsdaten in das Textfeld und klicken Sie auf "Berechnen". Sie können Beispieldaten aus dem Pull-Down-Menü auswählen. Lesen Sie hier mehr (englisch)..

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Soil sample
Soil texture
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Model selection
Brooks und Corey
van Genuchten
Fredlund und Xing [New!]

Figure option
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Calculation options

  • Fit θr θr =
  • Fit θs θs = θmax θs =
  • FX model: Use correction function
    with ψr = and ψmax =

Figure options

  • Figure size: Large Medium Small
  • Show grid
  • Type of x axis: Automatic Normal Logarithm
  • Range of x axis: to (0 for automatic)
  • Range of y axis: to (0 for automatic)
  • Font size =
  • Show label with for x axis
    and for y axis
  • Show legend with:
    • for measured
    • for BC model
    • for VG model
    • for LN model
    • for FX model
    • for DB model
    • for BL model
  • Measured plot: Marker size = and color =
  • Fitting curves: Line width = and color order =
    (blacK, Red, Blue, Green, Magenta and Cyan)


Please cite this paper when you publish your work using SWRC Fit. Researches conducted with SWRC Fit.

BibTeX and EndNote files are also available.

Sample output

Unimodal model Bimodal model

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Here you can find a list of questions and answers about SWRC Fit. You can submit your own question by getting the accout of GitHub (use the green "Sign up" button) and pressing the green "New Issue" button. Please select the label of "question". It is preferable to send your question publicly this way, because other people having the same question can find answer on the web. However, if your question is confidential, please contact me by email. You can find my email address in this paper. Please ask questions in English.

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Author: Katsutoshi Seki