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Shogi and Chess variant

In The Chess Variant Pages maintained by Hans Bodlaender, several variants of shogi are introduced. In this website, I wrote rules of two famous Shogi variants, Hasami Shogi and Southern Shogi. I know more Shogi variants. Some of them are explained in Atsushi Tanaka's website in Japanese, and some of the other rules are played in Japanese BBS called NiftyServe. I am going to translate some of them and send to Hans little by little.

Steve Evans made a freeware program for windows to play shogi variants against humans and computer. You can play Heian Shogi, Tori Shogi, Sho Shogi, and more. You can download the program from The Home of Shogi Variants.

I also have Japanese translation of the chess variant pages. I have translated following rules.

I am thinking of translating the following pages.

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