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Recently I enjoy playing backgammon. In GamesGrid, I play as "shogi" nickname :) When you happen to meet me at GamesGrid (or somewhere else on earth), let's play backgammon. My match history shows my strength (or weakness :).

I have made several contens of backgammon in Japanese. I translated History of Backgammon written by James Masters into Japanese. If you can read Japanese, please visit my Japanese page. I will make some English contents of backgammon whenever I feel like doing so..

I met Michael Meyburg, the two time world champion, Nack Ballard, the world top player and the founder of Nackgammon, and took pictures with them. I will upload the pictures here afterwards. In Japan Open, some other famous top players in the world came to Japan and I saw them playing. They are Hugh sconyer, Jake Jacobs.

In JBL (Japanese Backgammon League) website, only limited information in English is available now. The webmaster of the site says he wants to make English site.


Chicago point maintains a good list of gammon links, so if you are interested in other backgammon pages, please explore the link. As there are already many good link sites such as Chicago point, I am not trying to make a complete list of backgammon pages. Here I will collect several pages of my friends, Japanese backgammon players, site with Japanese backgammon activities, etc. Sites with only Japanese information is excluded.

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